Friday, June 10, 2011

Filipe Andrade

No one who is reading this blog has left a comment yet, but I have a question for the comic book fan boys out there. Does anyone really like the art of Filipe Andrade? (His most recent work that I am aware of is the recently completed "Onslaught Unleashed" which I bought because I really like the Secret Avengers.)

The comic book art that I like is the stuff that seems realistic. As you might guess I'm a big fan of Alex Ross. I'm guessing I'm not alone given the amount of covers that he paints and how hard it is to get the books with those covers. If the trend of the fans is to buy stuff that fools us into thinking it's realistic (none of it's really realistic.. they're comic books) why do editors hire Andrade?

I hate criticizing artists because my mother always told me that I shouldn't criticize unless I can do better myself and, I couldn't draw to save my life, but, what is the deal? I can't stand this guys art. Everyone he draws has a pointy chin and is out of proportion. I've seen some books by him where I can't tell what is going on at all... it's just like a bunch of shapes taking up space.

Is this supposed to be some sort of abstract art that my untrained eye doesn't appreciate? (I needed to have art experts walk me through Picasso before I could start to appreciate him.) So am I uneducated? Do I lack a certain artistic sophistication or is there no there, there? Please, give me your points of view.

Meanwhile, I've almost never not bought a comic book because I didn't like the art, but at four dollars a pop, I just don't have the money to buy all the books I want. I don't think I can buy any more books this guy has drawn unless some genius writer has written some great story that will live in my memory forever and he just happens to be the artist. If it's just an average book (which Onslaught Unleashed was) I just can't afford it.

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